Baths of Caracalla & Appian Way (half day tour)


Duration: 4h.
The Baths of Caracalla is a gigantic bathing establishment built by the emperor Caracalla in the 3rd century. From there, Follow “the Queen of Roads” the ancient Appian way which has the history of 2300 years.
  • Exclusive vehicle with professional driver
  • We can arrange your itinerary as you like.
  • Professional private guide is available.


Hotel => Baths of Caracalla => St. Sebastian Gate => Tomb of Cecilia Metella => Appian Way => Catacomb => Aqua Claudia => Hotel

Baths of Caracalla

The Baths of Caracalla built between AD 212 and 216, during the reigns of emperors Septimius Severus and Caracalla, were one of the greatest and most spectacular thermal complexes in ancient times. They were in operation until the 530s and then fell into disuse and ruin. But the remnant of the splendour of the Baths of Caracalla is still preserved.

Appian way area

The Appian Way was Constructed in 312 BC, ran from Rome to Brindisi, 600 km (370 mi). Along the way, there are many interesting sites, the Catacombs (the underground Christian cemetery composed of several stories of galleries), the Aqua Claudia (one of the most important Roman aqueducts completed by Claudius in 52 AD).


  • Include: Private vehicle with air conditioner, Driver, All taxes, Parking, Toll
  • Exclude: Entrance tickets (Baths of Caracalla: 8 Euro, Tomb of Cecilia Metella: 5 Euro, Catacombs: 8 Euro)
  • Please refer to Cancellation Policy
  • Your driver will take you to the sights and you will visit there by your own.
  • Professional English speaking private guide is available with additional charge.
  • The tour starts and finishes at your hotel.
  • Baths of Caracalla: Closed Monday afternoon, Tomb of Cecilia Metella: Closed Monday